Traffic criminal law

The Kovács Kázmér Law Firm is specialized in traffic criminal law. In connection with serious (fatal) road accidents, generally it receives 15-20 assignments a year from Hungarian and from foreign clients.
The importance of this group of affairs is confirmed by the fact that due to the technical development and motorization, the number of traffic accidents and damage events has been multiplied and traffic criminal law became a saparate field of law.
The Kovács Kázmér Law Firm, in addition to the defending activity, in other cases represents the offended party in traffic criminal procedures, taking also into consideration that the results of the criminal procedures may significantly affect the judgement in the civil lawsuits.
During its practice in this field of law, the Law Firm has developed regular work relationship with widely recognized experts.
Dr Kázmér Kovács is a member in the Association of Traffic Law Judges.