Significant legal disputes

The Kovács Kázmér Law Firm is a Law Firm providing legal representation mainly in civil and business actions. The Law Firm often represents its clients in cases of high importance before normal courts, permanent court of arbitration (permanent court of arbitration operated by the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and ad hoc courts of arbitration (ad hoc arbitrations constituted on the basis of the proposal of the Budapest Bar Association).
Dr Kázmér Kovács often acts also as arbitrator in actions before courts of arbitrations on the basis of ad hoc appointment.
Some of the assignments of the Kovács Kázmér Law Firm, which also received media attention:
– Legal representation of one of Hungary’s largest multinational financial institutions in a group of lawsuits, the claimed amount in the largest lawsuit is approx. EUR 20 million.
– Legal representation of an international insurance company in a lawsuit of emphasized importance. The sum in dispute of the material damages due to destruction in fire and consequential damages amounts to EUR 10 million.
– Representation of a catering firm in a lawsuit, where the plaintiffs claimed compensation for mass food poisoning.
– Legal representaion of the plaintiff in a lawsuit initiated against a motorway operating company to nullify (or modify respectively) the contract between the parties on the usage of the motorway. The claim was based on striking disproportion of the services provided by the parties (principle of lesio enormis), as a result of the lawsuit the toll was decreased. The case was also reported by the Wall Street Journal and it is also a university study material.
– Legal representation of consumers’ protection organizations and authorities in lawsuits, where the general conditions of contracts of different business organisations have been contested in form of claim of public interest.
– Representation of one of Hungary’s largest trust company as defendant in several groups of lawsuits. The total amount in dispute in the most important group of suits in itself is approx. EUR 3 million.
– Representation of an insurance company against a public warehouse.
– Representation of a firm operating a leading shopping centre in Budapest in a lawsuit of precedent value initiated by the lessees of the shopping centre.
– Legal representation of a municipality and inhabitants of the settlement in a lawsuit and out of court in connection with the enforcement of claim for compensation for damages caused by explosion of an explosive production factory located in the territory of the municipality.
– Legal representation in a lawsuit in connection with the energy privatization, disputed value approx. EUR 120 million.