Insurance law

The Kovács Kázmér Law Firm acts as consultant for insurance companies as well as policy-holders.
To the most important clients of the Law Firm belong two insurance companies having German sphere of owners, for which the Law Firm renders consultancy in frame of permanent assignment.
In the media the Kovács Kázmér Law Firm is mainly known for its activity carried out for private persons and smaller firms as policy-owners, before and out of court, however, its assignments come often from insurance companies.
Dr Kázmér Kovács was, for several years the personal consultant of the president of the state authority supervising the insurance companies. Dr Kázmér Kovács as insurance lawyer has been participating in the education of insurance law and he is also the chairman of the liability insurance association insuring 95 % of the Hungarian lawyers (MÜBSE).
Dr Szabolcs Kovács is before defending his special insurance lawyer’s degree.