The Law Firm

The history of the Law Firm
The Kovács Kázmér Law Firm is led by the name-giver of the Kovács Kázmér Law Firm, Dr Kázmér Kovács.
The father of the current name-giver, Dr György Kovács, was the first to start practicing law when he established the Kovács and Dusóczky Law Firm in 1938. He, as a former managing director of a bank, had financial legal practice. The original law firm mainly dealt with the settlement of commercial and financial legal disputes, before and out of court. After 1945, the founder continued his practice as an individual lawyer and later, in accordance with the legal requirements of the time, as one of the heads of a lawyers’ association. Dr Kázmér Kovács took over the Law Firm in 1972.
The Kovács Kázmér Law Association specializes in cases regarding insurance, accident compensation, criminal traffic offences, priority finances, and real estate. It is composed of lawyers with a great deal of experience in case law. Accordingly, one of the most important parts of the Association’s activities is providing legal representation in priority financial cases where the Association’s members are requested to provide their services because of their renowned expertise and the prestige of the Law Association. The Law Firm is a member of International Jurists Limited, which is a global legal network of independent law firms, it was founded in 1992 and consists of 33 firms with more than 1,250 lawyers and support staff in 30 countries.